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Snoop Robinson has pierced the veil of notoriety as a director and creator of short films with an undeniable sense of work ethic and dedication to the craft he has continued to refine.  His expertise as an actor, director, producer and musician in the industry has captured the hearts and minds of Greats like himself, to be able to collaborate on many projects together. Snoop has proven his acumen in both comedic and dramatic roles which has given him a solid platform to introduce concepts, create scripts and design stage settings.  His humility to perform in an excellent matter has launched him in several areas in the entertainment industry. 
Snoop has gained many accolades throughout his years in the entertainment business in film projects such as “Her Eyes” (Short Film of the Year), “Love and Drugs” (Best film of the year), and “Unexceptional love”(Movie of the Year), “Why Women Trip”, “A Sir Charles Christmas” and “My brothers Wife”. Not only does Snoop impress his audiences through his films but also through his hit stage plays such as “Why Women Trip”, “Who Are We to Judge”, “Frenemies”, and “You Can't Raise a Man” and over 20 other productions from on the stage to producing and directing the content. The time and energy he puts into his craft has given him the opportunity to receive awards such as “The Real Boss Award” as well as the “Entrepreneur of the year Award”.
In February of 2011 Snoop produced and directed, “She’s Not Our Sister,” the stage play, which sold out on opening night and launched him the opportunity to showcase his film on The Gospel Music Channel also known as GMC. GMC released the broadcast version of the play on June 25th.  “She’s Not Our Sister” helmed as the top-rated show in GMC network history. Due to the successful ratings of “She’s Not Our Sister,” GMC TV and Swirl Films turned this stage play into the first scripted television series which featured Kellita Smith and Jackee Harry. Snoop’s diversity as a writer, director, actor and stage designer has allowed him to embark upon unfamiliar territory in the industry allowing his work to hit the shelves of Wal-Mart and other streaming sites such as Netflix and Tubi. Snoop is a national household name with films such as the critically acclaimed “Black Diamond”, “Unexceptional Love”,  “Deceptions of Love”, “Stolen Virginity”, Why Women Trip” and “Older Man Younger Women” and etc.
Snoop Robinson, a native of Dallas, Texas, discovered his passion for the fine arts at an early age. His childhood dreams were to become an NFL player and an actor. He shaped his craft with dedication and determination by practicing and performing at every chance that was given to him. He learned to study the craft of the best talent the entertainment industry had to offer while also developing personally as a young man.
In March 2009, this gifted entertainer created the concept and became the producer of the Freddy Haynes “Unscripted” Radio show, which aired weekly on 94.5FM Soul and internationally on the web. The show featured prominent speakers such as Dr. Freddy Haynes, pastor of Friendship West Baptist Church and Sybil Wilkes, of the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning team. Snoop created and performed skits on the Rickey Smiley Morning show which appeared in more than 50 national markets. Snoop is well respected for his directorial techniques and as the creative genius behind many successful stage plays such as, “Torn between 2 Lives”, “Body Parts”, “Dream Girls” and other successful projects.  Snoop launched and hosted his first televised talk show, “The Truth Hurts” which received great reviews and aired six times a week.
The weight of his experiences and collaborations has allowed Snoop to grace theaters and TV screens. To his credit, Snoop has worked as the sound engineer and performed with talents such as; Irma P. Hall, Carl Payne, Chuck Norris, Yarbrough and Peoples, Willie Hutch, Terron Brooks, Fred Hammond, Deelisha, Miss Lora, Dave Hollister, Al Sharpton, Kirk Franklin, Jesse Jackson, Marvin Sapp, Sinbad, Clifton Powell, Kelita Smith, Jazsmin Lewis, Tony Grant, Darrin Henson, Keith Robinson, Columbus Short, Brian White and many other moguls in the entertainment industry.

As a musician, Snoop played in a band that had the exhilarating experience of opening for music icon Prince.  In 2004 Snoop launched his CD, “Yearning 2 Learn”, a tutorial in which teaches both English and Spanish for all ages through different genres of music including rap, R&B, and pop. His certification as a licensed electrician and his love for music and the theater along with the big screen has been pivotal in his role as a master sound technician and producer, writer, director and actor. Snoop Robinson is destined to be among the greatest in the entertainment industry just like the Greats who paved the way for him. Snoop is extremely excited to collaborate with the Super bad theater group and writer Dedrick Weathersby on the new venture of the musical “Tutti Frutti - The Life and Music of Little Richard,” anticipating that audiences won't stop talking about it after experiencing this captivating production.

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