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 Telling His Story From 1951-1957

                      From The Creators of Broadway World Award Winning                          Remembering James- The Life and Music of James Brown


Show Description: ​
Tutti Frutti The Musical tells the story of The Architect of Rock and Roll,Richard Wayne Penniman, better known to The World as Little Richard. From his early days (1951) being discovered by the Godmother of Rock and Roll Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Starting out and spanning nearly 7 years of what would become a monumental career until his abrupt stop (1957); we see how a divided music industry, troubled but impactful childhood, sexual fluidity, ever so changing of the sounds of music and the murder and love for his father. shaped the artists’ work. A live band accompanies, bringing the passion of his music alive while offering a message of freedom, breaking racial boundaries, artistic exploration and being bold enough to be Authentically You.

Location: Dallas Theater Center

Address: 2400 St, Dallas, TX 75201

Date: December 21, 2024

Written By Dedrick Weathersby

Director: Snoop Robinson

Musical Director: Michael Herron

Choreographer: Terrance M. Johnson


Presented by SuperBad Theater Company LLC

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